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Sharm el Sheikh
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Vacation Rentals in sharm el sheikh Egypt,self Catering Naama Bay and Nabq Bay sharm el sheikh

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Fantasia near Hadaba there you will find bars ,restaurants,

Bazaars, and entertainment, This place really comes to life at night.

Believe this or not but there is even an Ice Skating Rink in sharm situated at EL SALAM  at the concord Hotel

Camel rides on the beaches

Or for more serious treks

Organise a private trek in the sinai desert with the Bedouins.

If you don’t fancy camel

Riding try horse riding.

If  you fancy doing things away  from  our Vacation Rentals go and

Explore sharm , after all’ you are on holiday and there’s lots to see and do for all the family.

For the golfer’s there a challenging

PGA 18 hole Golf course situated in the grounds of the Novempick Hotel in naama bay.

Hire mountain bikes and explore the sinai at your own pace or visit the many attractions.

Don’t forget to take plenty of water as it get very hot in the day.

There’s family fun attractions such as  Cleo Park one of sharm el

Sheikhs first Water slide park situated in naama bay.

The new and exciting Aqua Park with dinosaurs the latest of water theme parks with lots of pools and water slides situated in Hadaba.

Just as you go out of  naama bay there’s a fun fare which the kids will love.

Only 10 minutes away from our self catering apartment is Sharks Bay Highly recommended this small and friendly beach resort offers great snorkelling and    DIVING

The coral can be reached                                                         by  a short swim off the beach.

Trips to Tiran island can                                                          be arranged from here boats from

the jetty go twice daily                                                              from here (recommended).

All major trips and tours                                                           can be arranged from sharks bay.

There’s a fine sea food                                                            also a med style eaterie, small shops and

Of course the Egyptian                                                            souvenir shops there is even an internet cafe.

Everything you want for                                                           a great day out.


Ras Um Sid near the light house, known for its fan corals and its plethora of fish, the popular Temple and Fasco Reefs are within easily swimming distance. About 25 min's away from our self catering apartment in Nabq and 10 minutes from our one Bedroom apartment in Naama Bay.  Close to Hadaba. Exceptional snorkelling can be had here, once out to the coral there is a sheer drop into the reef with an abundance of beautiful coral, and  colourful fish.

Also far garden and near garden situated near the naama bay region has one of the most beautiful colourful garden reefs in sharm, the reefs can be got to by organised boat trips.

Almost all beaches are owned by the big Hotel Chains now, but there are still plenty of public beaches to be seen the above mention is just a selected few of which we have experienced in our ventures to sharm.

All public beaches have a small daily charge around  20 LE, this is mainly for the upkeep of the beach

And surrounding area.


Visit the dolphina here you will see dolphins performing. And may have a swim with them.

Location At El Hadaba Sharm El Sheikh

Go Karting  at noos Karting sharm located at Fanar Road,


For  a little taste of Ancient Egypt visit Sharm Museum over 185 pieces of past Egypt including copies of Tomb of Tut Ankh Amun.

At the Panorama,  Naama Bay.

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Ras Um Sid Public Beach Very good for Snorkelling but can get crowded

El Fanar is a Beach on a Cliff top at Ras um Sid a little more expensive but well worth it has Beach Bar and even Wi-Fi on the Beach, Steps down to jetty were there is excellent snorkling.  

El Fanar Beach at Ras Um Sid

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Camel Rides on The Beach at Sharks Bay Golfing in Sharm El Sheikh Go karting  in Sharme el Sheikh Beautiful Beaches Ras Um Sid

Vacation Rentals in sharm el sheikh Egypt,self Catering Naama Bay and Nabq Bay sharm el sheikh

Aqua Parks Aqua Parks